Norma Blue Water-Mixable Oil Paint

48 clours including special transparent colours and classic gold
Water-mixable: can be painted and cleaned with water instead of solvent
Eco-friendly: Formulated exclusively with high-quality vegetable oils, no use of cobalt, cadmium or zinc oxide pigments
Low-odour: Making it ideal for indoor painting and classroom use
Allergy-friendly: Without preservatives
Developed in line with proven NORMA Professional quality and colouristics
Highly pigmented and highly lightfast (4-5 stars)
Buttery-paste consistency with characteristic brush trace
Low yellowing
Good water absorption

Distinctive characteristics: water-mixable, environmentally conscious and vegan

NORMA Blue allows almost odourless painting. Without any solvents, the watermixable colours are ideal for indoor painting
also without a studio. The 48 high-quality brilliant colours will awake your appetite for oil painting: they are easy to use and
clean and vegan as well. And allergy sufferers will be happy that the colours do not contain any preservatives. In addition, as
genuine oil paint of the finest quality, they are equally suitable for all oil painting techniques.

New creative painting possibilities

NORMA Blue is very easy and straightforward to use: The colours can be used pure, simply diluted with water or in
combination with the NORMA Blue mediums on canvas or on oil painting paper. The brushes, spatulas and palettes can also
easily be cleaned with water and a little soap. And experienced oil painters interested in working without solvents will be
pleased not only with the finest NORMA quality but also with the increased environmental compatibility. NORMA Blue can
be combined and also mixed with all classic oil colours. Using a mixing ratio of max. 4:1, the watermixability of NORMA Blue
is also maintained.

Painting mediums for water-mixable oil colours

NORMA Blue can simply be painted and cleaned with water. Another plus is that there are five special mediums that make
painting with water-mixable oil colours even more fun. They have an accelerating or retarding effect on the drying time,
increase gloss and glaze and are suitable as thinner to intensify the typical „oil feeling“. A special linseed oil completes the
range of the NORMA Blue mediums.

Good to know: Except for “Painting medium Blue”, all other mediums of this series can also be used with traditional oil
colours. In reverse, all NORMA Blue colours can also be used with classic oil mediums, but will then lose the characteristics of
a watermixable oil colour.

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