Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint Wooden Easel Set


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Rive Gauche are fine oils designed to facilitate enthusiasts of this beautiful technique. Remaining true to its legendary sense if innovation, the researchers at Sennelier laboratory have developed an original formula that faciltates painting while shortening the drying time (dries twice as fast); greatly reducing yellowing and using new and high-performance pigments. Using safflower oil that yellows two times less, with a thick and uniform texture that gives a satin finish. Pigment is blended with safflower oil and most colours have a lighfast rating 1 (excludes Cadmium yellow deep hue). Cadmium subsitutes are used that offer opaqueness and luminosity properties equivalent to real cadmium.


  • 10 x 21ml fine oil colours; Titanium white, Primary yellow, Vermilion, Primary red, Ultramarine blue light, Primary blue, Sap green, Yellow ochre, Burnt sienna, Ivory black.
  • 100ml bottle of green for oil liquid medium.
  • 100 ml bottle of green for oil thinner.
  • Raphael brushes sizes 10 round and 12 flat.
  • Rectangle wooden palette with thumb hole.
  • Raphael mini honey based soap for brushes.
  • 5″ mannequin.