Sennelier Iridescent Watercolour Metal Box Set of 12 10ml Tubes


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These iridescent colours are just as intense on white backgrounds as on black ones.

The honey unes in the Sennelier L’Aquarelle acts not only as a preservative, but also an additive bestowing incomparable brilliance and smoothness to the paint.

Always striving excellence, Sennelier has revamped its watercolour formula, increasing the amount of honey to reinforce the longevity, radiance, and luminosity of the colours. True to Sennelier’s roots, the colour palette remains that of the Impressionists and paint is, as always, made in France using traditional menthods.


  • Iridescent Yellow
  • Iridescent Gold
  • Iridescent Orange
  • Iridescent Copper
  • Iridescent Vermillion
  • Iridescent Purple
  • Iridescent Light Purple
  • Iridescent Light Blue
  • Iridescent Phthalo Blue
  • Iridescent Green
  • Iridescent Yellow Green
  • Iridescent Silver