Schmincke Aqua Drop 30ml Opaque White


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Schmincke Aqua Drop is a pigment-based liquid watercolour that is highly lightfast, water-soluble and water-thinnable. Ideal for watercolour painting, calligraphy, urban sketching, hand lettering and airbrush (≥ 0.15mm), Aqua Drop are a versatile and high-quality liquid watercolour that will enhance any watercolourists practice. The range has a well balanced colour palette of 24 cadmium-free transparent colours and an Opaque White for mixing and highlights. The lightfastness rating of the range is either Excellent or Good, with 13 single pigment shades for clean mixing. All Aqua Drop colours are compatible with other watercolours, including Schmincke Horadam and Akademie. Colours are available in 30ml recyclable plastic pipette bottles with a ball to easily shake the colour.

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