Montana BLACK Spray Paint Freak 400ml


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Montana BLACK spray paint is famous for its quality and reliability. The Nitro-Combination based formula ensures a high coverage, matte finish, perfect control and handling. Short drying time allows rapid re-application and overlapping with other colours almost immediately. Non-scented aerosol paint made to the highest quality, health and environmental standards. The perfect tool for street art and graffiti artists. With it’s high pressure valve, Montana BLACK allows users fast application. Weather and winterproof.

COLOUR SYSTEM: Montana BLACK offers a dynamic colour range. With a huge range of matte colour shades the range also includes 7 Power colours, 3 metallic shades, Gold, Copper and Silverchrome. It also features TRUE colours that simulate CMY(K) values and special artist colours.

  • The Montana BLACK high pressure valve allows users fast and relible application.
  • High pigment load.
  • Fast Drying – The Montana BLACK colours are fast drying and high covering. Only high quality ingredients and best pigments have been used assuring the highest standard of quality.
  • High-pressure system allows for fast and perfect handling with extremely good coverage. In conjunction with the use of Montana spray caps, Montana BLACK enables users to apply the paint to large or small surface areas with accuracy and effiency. Spray widths from 1cm to 30cm can be achieved depending on the user skill and experience.
  • 100% Winterproof, Montana BLACK functions reliably in extremely cold conditions. Perfect for artists working outside in cold climates.