Brush Soap Da Vinci Series 4033

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Da Vinci Brush Soap is an all-natural, chemical-free soap that contains a conditioning agent that won’t leave your brushes too dry or brittle. Created by brush makers, this uniquely formulated, 100% pure vegetable-based soap is unlike any other brush soap.

Brushes that have not been cleaned properly lose their interlocking quality after short use. This means that the hair will stand apart. Moreover, the hair and bristles may break at the edge of the ferrule. You can make your brushes last longer by proper cleaning and conditioning.

Just like your own hair, brushes benefit from moisturizing treatments. The vegetable oils in Da Vinci All Natural Brush Soap keep natural hair and synthetic fibers smooth and elastic.

Our cleaning tips:
Wash water-soluble paints as well as acrylic paint from the brush with water and vegetable soap when still wet.

After using special cleaning solvents, treat the brush-head with this soap and water.

Last but not least, form the brush into its original shape and always allow it to dry thoroughly.

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