Vegan Art Materials

Vegan Art Materials are products that are free from animal products and also animal cruelty free. This is something we’re very passionate about here at Universal Art Supplies and we wanted to make it quick and easy to find all the art materials we sell that are Vegan friendly – which we’re happy to say is a lot of them!

While we have done our best to research this section and make it as accurate as possible we cannot guarantee that everything remains 100% Vegan. Companies change their manufacturing methods and colour profiles on occasion and we cannot guarantee that these products will stay Vegan or that a company will not change a paint or product to include animal products before we can update this category to reflect the changes. With that in mind we do encourage you to do your own up-to-date research if you’re concerned about any of the products listed below.

We’ve also done our best to point out which paints or products in a range are not Vegan friendly as some ranges are mostly Vegan with the exceptions of one or two pigments or binders and may explain why your favourite colour isn’t here!

We’re also only human so if you spot something you don’t think should be in this category please do get in touch and we’ll sort that out!

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