Super Granulating Watercolour Paints

Granulating watercolours
Granulating watercolours are gaining more and more importance in watercolour painting. The surface effect of these special shades is slightly different from that of normal-flowing watercolours. You might think that the colours look pale, but this is exactly the effect desired for certain techniques.

So, what is behind the term granulating?
Granulation is the property of pigments to agglomerate on the paper.

This has two different causes:
Heavy pigment particles, such as cobalt or manganese, settle in the paper indentations.
Light pigment particles settle together due to attraction.

In general, it can be said that many traditional pigments (cobalt, earth pigments, etc.) tend to granulate more than modern inorganic pigments. This also explains why there are in our assortment comparatively many granulating colours in e.g. blue or brown colours and no or hardly any granulating colours e.g. in yellow and red shades.

Effect amplification:
How do you mix supergranulating colours?
To enhance the granulating effect and achieve unusual colour shifts, simply mix two (or more) granulating colours. We recommend pre-tests, because some colours are more dominant (opaque colours, such as Cobalt turquoise), others have a weaker effect (translucent colours, such as Potters Pink). Depending on the mixing ratio and colouristic similarity/diversity, the colour change effect also varies.

The popularity of these watercolour led to the development of the super granulating watercolour range.

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