Sennelier Abstract Acrylics

It has been almost 10 years since Sennelier chose the flexible doypack to package its fine abstract acrylic range. This solution is still the most eco-responsible solution available on the acrylic market.

  • Almost 3 times less plastic than a tube. The empty abstract pouch weighs 6.32 grams while a plastic tube weighs 17.59 grams. This is 2.8 times less. Even tubes that incorporate cardboard into their design still contain more plastic than the abstract doypack.
  • With Abstract acrylic, 15% of the binder is also made from recycled windshields, and has always been!
  • An anti-waste acrylic: the pouch can easily be emptied completely by rolling it, making it possible to completely use its contents down to the last drop of paint.
  • It is also less bulky during transport phases and waste recycling processes because it is flat when empty.

The lower quantity of plastic, the recycled binder used, the benefits for users and waste reprocessing options make Abstract the most environmentally friendly acrylic currently offered to artists.

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