Aerocolor Acrylic Ink

AERO COLOR® Professional: Liquid acrylic colours for acrylic painting and mixed media techniques
Painting and sketching as well as mixed-media techniques with liquid AERO COLOR® Professional colours by Schmincke are more than a creative trend. Painters and hobby artists are excited about the many uses of the finest liquid, intensely coloured and highly lightfast acrylic inks which can be applied using a brush or liner but also an airbrush.

Suitable surfaces include acrylic and watercolour papers, primed canvases, stretcher frames, surfaces formed with structural pastes, wood, cardboard and many others. The important thing, as for all acrylic paints, is that the surfaces are clean, dry and grease-free.

The AERO COLOR® Professional range includes:

36 finest, most brilliant chromatic colours – a harmonious range of colours which guarantees brilliant mixing results and an unlimited variety of shades.
12 brilliant TOTAL COVER colours that also cover dark surfaces and black perfectly.
24 effect colours for a wide variety of colour effects.
An extensive range of mediums for airbrushing and painting
All colours have the highest lightfastness (4 or 5 stars only) for particular stability. They can be mixed and combined with all Schmincke acrylic colours.
All AERO COLOR® Professional colours are available in stable glass dropper bottles (28 ml), 24 colours also in 250 ml and 5 colours (3 basic colours, SUPRA White, opaque and black) in 1,000 ml plastic bottles.

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